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Michael Carey Wildlife Artist & Illustrator

Hello Everybody,

 I mentioned in a Facebook post a while back that I am changing the way I do business. I have decided that 33 years on the road is long enough. Starting this year I am not going to be doing as many shows as I have been. I'm only going to do the ones that have traditionally worked out the best. I will still be going to Apple Ridge Farms in the Apple Hill area. Last season was my first at this location and I can see how it's only going to get better every year. I am going to do the Memorial Day and Plumas Art shows in Chester and, schedule permitting, the 4th of July show in Arnold. The people that host these shows are, in my opinion, the best. 

 Back in 2016 a few of us artists and crafters were sitting in a restaurant in Chester, CA. talking about the different shows we do. We started talking about bringing back a show that had died out years earlier. We decided to do our best to bring that one back. We gathered up a small number of artists and crafters and started planning the Clear Creek show for the following year in July. When the show finally happened we had 48 vendors. The local Fire Dept put on their BBQ. It was a total success. We formed a Co-Op and named it the Professional Artisan's Co-Op. We then became a non-profit organization listed with the State of California and now have 170 members (and growing!). Our Co-Op is hosting 7 shows this coming year. The reason I'm telling you all this is I am very proud of what we have done and the shows listed on our website, www.professionalartisansco-op.com are the shows I'm going to be doing from now on. 

 When I'm not on the road I am going to have my shop / studio open to everybody. You can stop by and see what I'm up to or maybe you have a picture you need custom framed. I have a full frame shop. If you need help on a drawing I would be happy to answer any questions for you. Email me at mccarey1@hotmail.com or call me at 916-705-2652 if you would like to stop by. 

 I'm slowing down a bit only when it comes to being on the road, not on my drawing.

 As far as Facebook is concerned I will occasionally post a drawing I am working on. I've been thinking about this and have decided that posting my artwork on the same platform that hosts people showing fart videos is, well, not the way I want my artwork displayed. If you want to find out where I'm going to be showing or what I'm working on then please email me at mccarey1@hotmail.com and ask to be put on my email list. I will send weekly or bi-weekly emails showing my schedule, what I'm working on and anything else I would like you to see. One thing you won't find there is any political or religious BS. I'm not saying goodbye to Facebook, I occasionally like to laugh at a good fart video, I'm just trying to focus some attention more towards what I love.


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Last updated 10 April 2019

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