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Professional Artisans Co-Op

Hello Everybody,

I would like to explain what our Co-Op is all about. In August of 2016 I was having dinner in a restaurant in Chester, CA with some Artisan friends. We were discussing how some promoters, we felt, were simply not doing their jobs. We felt that, being a promoter, you should promote the shows you organize by this we mean getting out and advertising your show, recruiting new vendors things like that. We feel that some promoters have forgot the fact that we pay them for a service. To a certain extent they work for us. There was a show that had been going on for quite a while in the town of Clear Creek, a little community 11 miles outside of Chester. It died out years before but the group that I was with that night thought it would be a great idea to try to bring it back. Earlier that day a few of us talked to the vendors at the show we were at and started asking if they would be interested in bringing the Clear Creek show back. Well enough of them said yes so that evening we started our Co-Op with the six that sat around that table. The next morning we started collecting names and addresses and within a few hours our group had expanded to 17 members. We planned the Clear Creek show for the following year in July on the weekend after the 4th. By that time we had 48 spaces rented. The show was a total success. The Clear Creek Volunteer Fire Dept brought back their annual BBQ which they had been doing for years and had the best sales they ever had.  

We decided to refer to our group as a Co-Op because that's what we are. We are a group of professional artisans that simply want to direct our own future and we do this by working together. We are dedicated to the idea that we are bringing back and preserving what an art & craft show used to be, a place where people could go to find quality handcrafted products. There are no dues to join, no long term commitments or no contracts to sign. All we ask is that every member do something for each show they participate in, by this we mean volunteering to help advertise, set up, mark spaces, provide security, clean up, whatever needs to be done.

Our Co-Op needed a name so we put our heads together an came up with Professional Artisans Co-Op. It was recommended by our accounting dept that we consider registering our co-op as a non profit organization which is a good thing because that's essentially what we are. We didn't put this group together for the money. Nobody makes money from the vendors. All the money we take in goes to setting up the shows, advertising, rent, insurance and whatever other expenses we come up against.  

If you have a handmade product and would like to join our group we would love to have you! Below you will find links that list our members and our shows and a link to send us an email asking to join us. We will need pictures of your product, your display. We will also need contact information such as your phone number and email address.

When you read the descriptions of the shows (by clicking on the links below) take a look at the vendors we have listed for the each show. If you feel that your catagory is full or maybe there would be some personal problems you dont want to deal with then make your decision from there.   

Thanks for joining up with us!           

Email us your infomation