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Favorite Links

These are people that I do business with 
and I think you should too!

Greg Perkins Guitar
While I was at the coffee shop in Folsom I would sit and listen to this guy play his guitar. It was quite a treat.

Animals Asia Foundation
Check out this site to see what is happening in China and other Asian countries with regards to the Asian Black Bear. WARNING!! Some of the images on this site are VERY DISTURBING.

Serenity Woods
You have to see these wood products to believe them. Lea Parker makes the most beautiful turned wood products, including vases and candle holders, I have ever seen.

Van Raalte and Company
Have you have ever been to an event like a craft or car show and have seen those big pop-up tents, these are one of the many items Ted Van Raalte sells. I have been buying from Ted for years now.

Bidwell House Bed and Breakfast
This is a bed and breakfast that Jeanne and I fell in love with. Kim and Ian are the hosts and they do a wonderful job.

Hollywood Chairs
I had been wanting one of these chairs for quite a while. Finally Jeanne and I ordered two of them. They are the sturdiest and most comfortable folding chair I have ever used. I highly recommend them.

Feather Falls Soap Company
Jeanne and I buy enough soap from these folks to last us all year! The soaps they make are all handcrafted and have wonderful fragrances and seem to last forever.

The Weller House Inn
Jeanne and I met Ted and Eva Kidwell, the proprietors of the Weller House Inn, during our recent weekend Anniversary get-a-way. You have to see this Bed And Breakfast to believe it.

The Music Of Rob Selznick
I have known Rob for a few years now and I have to say his music is some of the most beautiful I have heard. Do your ears a favor and click on the link above to listen to the wonderful compositions he has created.